On Baggage

Reminiscence of the Christmas work do #1

Another year; another work social for the Ig to rant, em, educate my fellow worker drones on various matters in my usual quiet and unassuming manner ūüėČ

‘but everyone comes with baggage these days Ig’¬† was the tailend to a tale of woe¬† that I was told.
By now alcohol had lubricated people’s tongues and an invisible (to me) sign above my head had appeared stating

‘Offload your problems here right now!’

‘True; I replied, ‘but it’s how you carry it that matters’.

The usual confused face looked deeply into mine.

‘Think of people in the airport. You’ve seen them, haven’t you ? Yanking masses of bags, despite only going to Tenerife for a week, where it’s generally warm and down jackets/ice axes aren’t usually needed.

Then on the return leg, you see them again, this time it’s like a retreat from Moscow as they head to the checkout desk.

Even more stuff –¬† plastic holiday tat falling haphazardly to the floor from their trolleys, as they manoeuvre around the sun burnt masses; their child crying mournfully for a treasured holiday souvenir dropped, but sadly ignored and never to be seen again’.

‘yes, but … ?’

‘Think of someone else travelling¬† – they have a small bag – checked in online without issue, straight through passport control – fluids in a bag already and electronics out ready for inspection.

They breeze thought duty free – they know it’s unnecessary over priced crap that they will never need – and then before you know it, they are in the bar, having a quiet pre-flight drink;¬† whilst the others are still arguing at the counter about what tasteful holiday purchase they must jettison to get under 20kg.’

The confused face was still confused so,¬†¬†in the style of Tom Hardy in ‘Taboo’

I concluded thus:

‘We all have baggage in this life, but some of us choose to carry it more efficiently than others.’

Seneca couldn’t have put it better.

Though he probably didn’t then have some pissed twat in a ‘ironic’ Christmas jumper from Marketing falling into him after finishing his discourse.

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